The main topic of our research is the structure analysis and development of nanoscaled materials. The investigations are performed using X-ray tomography, X-ray diffraction (SAXS and WAXS), scanning and transmission electron microscopy including spectroscopy (EDX and EELS) and electron diffraction. The sol-gel-process is the key technique for manufacturing nanostructured material. The improvement of the acceptance of a synthetic material in living tissue is of great importance. Therefore we developed a synthetic nanostructured biomaterial with special properties. The interaction between the synthetic material and autological proteins is achieved by using a synthetic matrix of de ned porosity. The special properties of the matrix are the reason for a high bioactivity. This activity stimulates the differentiation of adult stem cells and the formation of various tissues. The interdisciplinary research projects are cross-disciplinary efforts that draw together working groups of our faculty and the faculty of medicine, including physicists, chemists, biologists and physicians.